October 25, 2016

New Scholarships available - Application process now open!

Aerobility are delighted to announce we have recently established two fantastic Scholarships working together with our partners, the Douglas Bader Foundation and an exciting new partnership with SkyDemon. No matter what your background, civilian or services – all applications will be assessed on an equal basis. 
Perhaps you have started to learn to fly, have previously received a flying scholarship, are short on funds or have been grounded for a while and need just a few more hours to finish your licence or additional rating? If so you can apply for one of these amazing Scholarships and get back in the air with Aerobility and the help of our friends. 

Click here to download the Scholarship application form and return to us through info@aerobility.com or by post to Aerobility,  Blackbushe Airport, Camberley, Hampshire GU17 9LQ.

Our huge thanks to our partners SkyDemon and The Douglas Bader Foundation for making this possible.
Funding is limited, so please ensure your application is with us as soon as possible. All applicants must have passed their Air Law exam to be considered. 

In other exciting news! Are you ready to take your flying to the next level?
The Douglas Bader Foundation are looking to establish a disabled pilot display team - Bader's Bus Company! 

To be considered to participate as a display team member, individuals must have completed their PPL, but it’s as simple as that. Each person will receive full training in formation flying along with training in how to safely deliver flying displays and demonstrations.

Please email info@aerobility.com to register your interest and for further information. 

Three solo flights in just two weeks!

Within the space of two weeks, we have been delighted to announce first solo flights by three ex servicemen, Paul Spanner, Mark Sines and Mark Bartlett - an incredible achievement for each of them!

This would not have been possible without the combined resources and partnership of Aerobility, Help for Heroes, The Air League and Boeing UK - and of course, some serious determination and dedication from all three men themselves. 

Not only are they a total inspiration, but they all scored 100% in their Air Law exams! This is pure testament to how hard they have worked - and perhaps evidence that the inter-service rivalry is still alive and well!

Each of them individually marked their success on their social media with some great images and heartfelt words about their journeys to this point, which we have gathered for you below: 

Paul setting of for his first solo flight.
Paul Spanner 
"Well its been a long time coming but this Thursday past I took to the skies of Surrey and Hampshire solo for the first time, Supported by Aerobility, The Air League and Boeing UK and Help for Heroes Band of Brothers. 

My journey with Aerobility has been life changing, building confidence and a significant cornerstone in my recovery from a brain injury sustained in 2013. The journey is not over yet though there is more to do and much more to experience with this amazing organisation

Paul beaming after a successful solo landing. 
Thank you to the Aerobility team especially Anneliese for signing me off on the first chapter of a new and exciting journey. Who would have thought just over a year from first being introduced to the Charity I would ride and Ski for Great Britain, pass my MSc, be accepted for a scholarship to read for a PhD, oh and captain an aircraft all on my own. 

Paul and Aerobility Flying Instructor, Anneliese Perrior. 
This is the beginning of great things and my debt of gratitude can not be expressed enough. It was my partner Tracey who led this horse to water and I am drinking from a fire hydrant now - I truly love Tracey for guiding me so far over what has been at times a difficult path to follow for us both and hope to take her flying with me very soon"

Mark setting off for his first solo flight

Mark Sines
"Well today I need to thank my lovely wife, big style - if it wasn't for her love, support and belief in me I would not have been here today at Blackbushe Airport. It has been one year and one month since she bought me the first trial flight.Since then and thanks to all the support, patients, and perseverance from the fantastic instructors at Aerobility, I have now flown solo today for the first time!

It has been six hard years for my family since I woke up one morning in severe pain and unable to walk. Three major operations to my back and neck followed in an attempt to rectify the severe stress placed on my spine during my Army service, and give me a chance to gain movement back in my legs. I am fortunate these procedures were largely successful, although I am left with uncontrollable intermittent leg paralysis due to irreparable nerve damage. I put my family through hell with the severe pain, depression and mood swings, but through it all they have stuck by me. 
Mark with Aerobility Flying Instructor, Christine Stopher.
Flying with Aerobility has brought a positive change - when I have had a bad week and been in a lot of pain, just sitting in the aeroplane makes such a difference. For the first time I have control over something - it's just me with no medical professionals telling me what I can and can't do. 
I also owe a big thanks to Help for Heroes, The Air League and Boeing UK who as an ex serviceman have awarded me a grant to live my dream of training to obtain my PPL. 

Apart from marrying my beautiful wife today has to be one of the biggest highlights in my life since it completely changed six years ago. Aerobility make the dreams of many people with a disability who want to fly come true, and today they did that for me. With their support they have made me believe in myself again, restored my self-esteem and brought my dream of taking my wife for a flight even closer. Thank you!"

Mark Bartlett
A substantial solo flight smile from Mark.
"I have always wanted to fly and today I went solo! I'm so grateful to Band of Brothers for introducing me to Aerobility, who supported me in gaining funding from Help for Heroes and the Air League to make this possible. I'm one big step closer to achieving my goal of PPL - lots of thanks to everyone at Aerobility, Help for Heroes, the Air League and Boeing for funding this opportunity; and of course most importantly, the wifey, Lucy Bartlett for supporting me too. 

Arriving back safely at HQ. 
I get such a buzz from flying and have found my drive and ambition to achieve again. I'm really excited about my future career and the foundations I'm creating for a new life. When I was out of work and living on benefits I felt so restricted. My world has now opened up - the freedom I feel in the air helps me manage my pain and it feels great to be using my brain again - I know if I push myself, I can become a commercal pilot."

October 21, 2016

AEP Air Traffic Control

We had a great Aviation Education Programme session last Saturday - the topic was Air Traffic Control and was lead by our new lead mentors Martyn and Nigel, who both happen to be ex air traffic controllers.

After practising the phonetic alphabet and revising the compass points, Nigel explained exactly what Air Traffic Control (ATC) is and where and when it is used.  The group watched a short video about the control centre at Swannick and listened to a typical radio transmission.

The group then went in to the hangar and learnt how radar works by pretending to be radio waves and aircraft!!

The session ended with the group splitting up in to pairs and acting out the roles of air traffic controllers.  They all did very well and had the right voices for ATC!

October 03, 2016

My lucky life in aviation - Nick Glover

Aerobility HQ, Blackbushe Airport
Wednesday 26th October 2016
Arrival 6pm

Nick will be talking to us about his journey from PPL to ATPL and flying executive jets, with a few stories along the way.
Join Nick and the Aerobility team at Aerobility HQ, Blackbushe on Wednesday 26th October from 6pm for an interactive talk and Q&A session about gaining your PPL, ATPL and Nicks career in aviation.
All Aerobility flyers and friends welcome. This is a free event although we do ask for a small donation for refreshments.
If you or someone you know is interested in attending this talk then please email info@aerobility.com or call 0303 303 1230 to book your place.