April 21, 2011

Southampton Empowerment Fair

This week we participated in an event in Southampton showcasing activities for disabled people. The band Heavy Load were fantastic!

April 19, 2011

We know what this smile means - First Solo!

Congratulations to serving Royal Marine Billy Sewell who started his flight training with us at Lasham last week and achieved first solo. Here we see Billy relaxing with fellow students and Dale and Pams.

"It was a little dawnting but once on the runway good to go and opening up to full power was great. I think it all became real when I put in the first turn and thought to myself, 'wow I'm really on my own, I'm flying' then it felt like everything was in slow motion and all of a sudden i had loads of time to do everything.

Just a massive feeling of 'I've done it' then having a massive grin for the rest of the evening and couldn't wait to get airborne again. It confirmed that it is something I'm gonna enjoy for many years to come. "

Glorious sunshine for Battle Back Flying Day

Our third wounded military flying day of the year, it is great to see demand is as strong as ever. Friends and family also participated and enjoyed sitting in the early April sunshine at Lasham. Long may the good weather continue..

Remember to click on the image for the large version

April 01, 2011

Hoist trailer modifications

We have learned over the last year or so that moving the hoist around is not quite as simple as we first thought.

Brian Catchpoole has been leading a project to modify the trailer and the hoist to make transportation much more user-friendly and safe. You can see here recent work with Brian's brother-in-law to lengthen the trailer door/ramp and make the incline less steep for the hoist to ascend. We are working on putting logos on the trailer – and then we are ready to hit the road!

Aerobility at the Houses of Parliament

On Monday 28 March Aerobility was pleased to participate in an open gathering for MPs, Lords and guests in the Houses of Parliament.

The event was put together by our colleagues at the Air League as part of the Leading-Edge Youth in Aviation project. We fully endorse and participate in the program which aims to promote the benefits of young people participating in aviation. It benefits the individuals that participate and it strengthens the British aerospace industry, and even makes the UK a better place. 1 in 20 young people has a disability and it is important that we are able to represent them.

Spring Cleaning !

Russell Harrison, Alan Brooks, Mike and his carer Andy have been spring cleaning the Lasham Portakabin. The amount of junk accumulated was a sight to behold (as was the mouse nest living under the sink!). The building is now ready for a busy summer flying.