October 25, 2012

Aerobility interviewed on Italian TV

During the Paralympic Games, Aerobility received a visit from an Italian disability group called SuperAbile. It was a valuable day talking about disability issues and sharing our thoughts with new continental friends. The visit was recorded and was recently shown on Italian Gold TV.

October 19, 2012

Busy times at Aerobility

The last few weeks have seen a cascade of activity at Blackbushe, culminating tonight with Nathan Doidge flying Chris Evans on The One Show at 7.00 – Aerobility has been on TV and in the press more often than ever before, for a lot of good reasons:

The Global Flight Simulator Challenge has been an amazing success. Our disabled-adapted simulator has paid for itself, 92 pilots flying it round the world in 10 days, picking up a Guinness World Record on the way, together with enough funds to cover its purchase, and maintenance for five years. Now, at last, it really is ‘ours’!

The 10 day event drew in an astonishing range of celebrities, turning our Blackbushe home into a name-dropper’s paradise: Buzz Aldrin, Bruce Dickinson, and Joe Pasquale were among the many celebrity pilots, with Chris Evans really getting on board, literally, with Nathan tonight.

We’re expecting our recent high profile to show a lot more disabled people that they too can experience flight ‘from the sharp end’ - in the cockpit with the controls in their hands. That first awakening experience can have lasting effects – after all, if you can fly a plane, what else can you do? If you are disabled you can fly with us: get in touch, and get into the air. It’s the most fun you can have sitting down! Our website has all the details you’ll need.

Of course, the more people who fly with us, the more money we need to raise – we make flight financially as well as physically accessible, and we need the funds to pay for it. If you like what you’ve seen, you can make a donation through our website homepage, and give a lift to disabled lives. Thanks!

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Paralympic Flypast

How could you have missed the aeroplane flying over the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, covered in LED lighting strips, with blazing fireworks at the wingtips? If you did, it was Aerobility showing Britain and the world that disabled aviation is a stunning reality – with Aerobility trained disabled Afghanistan veteran Dave Rawlins in the hot seat.

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October 11, 2012

Aerobility Flying Day at Sleap

Aerobility were pleased to welcome patients from the Physiotherapy department at The Robert Jones and Angnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, to a day of Flying at Sleap airfield on the 4th October.

Flight instructors Craig Knott and Mark Edworthy reported an enthusiastic group, who by all accounts had a great day. To quote physiotherapist Kate Betts "Perceptions and lives were changed on the day and patients who were unable to attend were inspired by the patients talking about their flying experience ".

Aerobility were glad to assist, and look forward to organising further days next year. Thanks go to Shropshire Aero Club for waiving landing fees on the day.