December 23, 2016

A bit of Friday fun - name that car!

Firstly and most importantly - thank you so much to Signs Express Farnborough, not only for your year round support, but also for this amazing signage which was kindly produced and donated to our Aerobility vehicle!

To mark the occasion we are inviting our friends, flyers, followers and supporters to come up with a name to officially christen our car.

Simply place your suggestions in the post comments (Facebook/Twitter/Blog) or please send to

The chosen name will be announced in the new year - we can't wait to hear your suggestions!

December 15, 2016

AEP Flight

On the 5th December the AEP group studied Flight.

They began the session with a christmas themed phonetic alphabet quiz. This was followed by looking at the four forces of flight - weight, lift, thrust and drag.

The group then split in to small groups and together built propeller driven vehicles from kits.

They took their inventions to the hangar where they raced them.  It got quite competitive at times and a few minor adjustments were made to improve performance!!  

The session ended by looking at the design of various aircraft and the effects of the the forces upon them.

It was another great session - we are always amazed by the knowledge of the group.


December 09, 2016

On Tuesday 6th December, a group from St James' Place, enjoyed an Aviation Experience day at Aerobility, Blackbushe Airport.
Take a look at the photographs and read some of the comments from the group

"Lots of the adults who weren't with us on Tuesday commented that our members had obviously had a great time as they hadn't stopped talking about it yet! Other members are green with envy and want to know when they can go!"
"We had a very positive and fun day with you all. The volunteers, and everyone we met, were very welcoming and treated our members with respect and friendliness"
"Jon has decided he'd like to be a pilot (watch out!) and Carlos described his day as 'awesome'!  They really did have a fantastic experience; each of the activities you had planned was absolutely right for our members and pitched at just the right level so that they each gained something valuable,whether that was increased knowledge or greater confidence in themselves and their abilities"
    "The highlight  was the flight sim and it was wonderful that some of the lads seemed to 'have the knack', even if there were a few crashes on landing!"

 "We had a very positive and fun day with you all. The volunteers, and everyone we met, were very welcoming and treated our members with respect and friendliness." 

December 05, 2016

Celebrating the 10th Aviators Ball

So it has taken a few days, but our feet have finally reached the ground after this year’s Aviators Ball.

We hope we speak for everyone when we say 2016 really was a phenomenal event, exceeding expectations in a variety of ways.

It is our pleasure to officially announce the total of this year’s funds raised as a breath-taking £85,235!

To each and every person involved – sponsors, flyers, attendees, performers, prize donors, volunteers, staff, supporters, hosts, production – an enormous thank you to the sky and back. 

This incredible result is all down to a combination of exceptional hard work and generosity.

We will be back to share some of our favourite photos and video from the evening very soon. 

Thank you once again for your invaluable support - we really couldn't do it with out you!