August 31, 2010

Nathan is a high flier

Nathan Doidge started flying with Aerobility thanks to a scholarship from Flying Scholarships for the Disabled (FSD). Since completing his FSD sponsored course last year, Aerobility and its sponsors have continued to support Nathan through the Aerobility Bursary Scheme. Through this, Nathan has had the opportunity to carry on flying and go solo. Last weekend not only did Nathan complete his solo nav but he also found time to spend some time with a TV film crew...

Lance Cpl Matt Wilson and Aerobility on TV

Matt Wilson and Aerobility volunteer instructor Gordon Macdonald interviewed by ITV:

August 25, 2010

Successful Scottish Flying Day

On the 7th August, Prestwick Flying Club welcomed 4 new flyers on behalf of Aerobility. It was the first time an Aerobility event has been held at Prestwick and it was hailed as a success. This is the first Aerobility event in Scotland for 3 years and we are extremely pleased to be back.

Mums, Dads and friends were passengers in these first flights for a tour of the local flying area after a bit of work completed by the new student pilots on the Effects of Controls.

Aerobility member and organiser Pauline Gallagher would like to thank the two instructors, Colin Wilcock and John Whittaker, who donated their time to make this day possible.

Prestwick Flying Club looks forward to welcoming more Aerobility members in the very near future.

Recent solo Matt Wilson in the press

Soldier's plane brave - Basingstoke Gazette

August 14, 2010

Congratulations Michael for a textbook first solo

Former Navy sailor Michael Boreh has gone solo. As ever the smile tells the story! Instructor Mike Owen commented that the crosswind landing was spot on.

Michael would like to thank instructors Mike Owen and Malcolm Hemming for their patience and great tuition. Since first solo on Thursday, Michael has already done a couple of solo circuit sessions. Keep up the good work.

August 07, 2010

John Hayes solo

As promised, pictures of John Hayes' first solo on 4th August. Congratulations again and keep up the good work!

I wonder what this smile could mean?

Yes, that's right, first solo! Congratulations to Matt Wilson who went solo with us earlier today. A Lance Corporal injured in Afghanistan last year, Matt certainly seems to be bitten by the aviation bug! We'll speak to Matthew and Aerobility instructor Mike Owen to get the lowdown and report back here as soon as possible.

International Disabled Holiday Camp

Every year, the Order of Malta holds a holiday camp for disabled people from around the world. This year it was the turn of the UK, and hundreds of disabled people from as far afield as Asia, Africa and South America descended upon a holiday camp in West Wales.

Aerobility provided an incredible flying day from nearby Haverfordwest Airfield. What a fantastic event to be part of, in particular the reaction from disabled people from less developed countries was extremely moving. Watch this inspirational video, the flying appears toward the end. Double-click the video to go full screen.

IHC2010 Great Britain Monday from ihc2010 on Vimeo.

August 04, 2010

Wilbur the wonder bear - the luckiest bear in the whole wide world

Just flown the F-18 Super Hornet at the Royal International Air Tattoo

Aerobility was lucky to have a new member signup earlier this year. Wilbur joined about the same time as his brother Orville. Don't let his cute smile and good looks deceive you. He is on a mission. On a mission to become one of the most experienced pilot bears there has ever been. He is never late for his assignments as he is also wearing his favourite watch, a brand-new Breitling Aerospace which is accompanying him on his travels. His logbook is already something to behold. Wilbur is becoming a legend in his own lunchtime, and he has promised to keep sending us pictures of his adventures. Here are some of the recent downloads from his camera...

Programming the Vulcan GPS at Farnborough airshow just before his display

12G capable bear restraint system in the F-18

Ready for departure - Farnborough Vulcan display

Wilbur has also taken part in a recent top-secret sortie. Declassification in coming days will reveal all.

Stop Press - another Aerobility first solo!

Congratulations to John Hayes. Instructor Craig Knott reports all went well and the landing was very nice. More info and photograph coming soon!