May 23, 2011

Soldier mechanic takes to the skies

Congratulations on a well-deserved first solo. Dave has been with Aerobility at Lasham for the last week taking part in a Battle Back intensive flight training course. Aerobility instructor James Brown comments "Dave did a really nice job".

We will get Dave's feedback and report back here.

May 20, 2011

Aerobility Aims to Raise £300,000 through New Allia Charitable Bonds Scheme

Allia is a charitable investment service supporting causes that give people a better future. Its charitable bonds offer a unique way of investing securely for a social profit.

Through the investment scheme, Aerobility hopes to raise funds to create a community space for disabled people

London, 19th May 2011

Aerobility, the British charity that facilitates light aviation for disabled and profoundly ill adults and children has announced that has teamed up with charitable investment service Allia to offer a unique new way to raise money for charity.

Through its charitable bonds, Allia will enable those looking to support Aerobility to invest securely and benefit the charity. The system is very simple, an individual invests in a bond in support of Aerobility and Allia lends part of this money to an AA rated social housing provider. A fraction is taken for costs and the rest is given straight to Aerobility as a tax-free gift. After five years, the housing provider repays the loan with interest and Allia returns the initial investment to the kind supporter of Aerobility at the interest rate they choose.

Aerobility is aiming to raise around £300,000 in order to create the ‘Aerobility Centre’, a groundbreaking community space that will provide the charity with offices, a classroom, a flight simulator and disabled accessible accommodation. As learning to fly is best done intensively, this facility would allow Aerobility to offer exciting residential courses and holidays for disabled people based around the challenge of flying. The centre would also be available to the local disabled community for meetings and activities.

Mike Miller-Smith, CEO of Aerobility said:

"As a small but rapidly growing charity it is important that we explore fundraising from multiple sources to ensure security and the reliable delivery of projects in the future, it was during this process we came across Allia. We were immediately impressed by the simplicity and clarity of their approach to this innovative fundraising method where truly there are no losers. We desperately need a centre for our operations and with Allia helping us to raise funds I think we can get there sooner."

Phil Caroe, Chief Operating Officer of Allia added:

“Our mission is help unlock funding for causes that are giving people a better future, so we’re delighted to be supporting Aerobility. For anyone whose savings are currently making a profit for their bank, Allia’s charitable bonds offer a unique ethical alternative: keep your money just as safe and give the profit to a great charity instead.”

May 04, 2011

First solo for Pauline and first solo for Aerobility at Prestwick

Congratulations Pauline!

On the evening of 23rd April 2011, after completing 5 circuits with instructor Stewart Houston in perfect conditions, complete with a very poetic sunset at Prestwick Airport, Pauline Gallagher flew her first solo flight. Pauline wishes to thank Nick Sibley and Stewart Houston who took the time to help her work towards this milestone, and everyone who has been cheering from the sidelines, especially those at Aerobility and Flying Scholarships for the Disabled. Now then… a PPL?

Robohoist ready for the season ahead

Long term friend and supporter of Aerobility Andy Snowdon recently travelled down south from Sterling to give our electric hoist its annual service and load test.

We are pleased to say that it passed with flying colours and will soon be back ‘on the line’ providing hoisting support for those that need it out of Lasham and other venues throughout the country.

We particularly thank Andy for the modifications he carried out to make the hoist even more reliable and useful in this important members service.