February 28, 2012

Cleaning Friday at Blackbushe

Thanks to everyone who turned up at Blackbushe last Friday in a great effort to get 'Yankee Yankee' and 'Foxtrot Mike' gleaming for our open day. Thanks also to the support of Frasers Aerospace who supplied us with complimentary cleaning materials. The days work was finished off with a rendition of Happy Birthday for volunteer Isabel who had kindly given up time on her special day to support us. Great effort gang, and thanks a lot.

February 14, 2012

Lucky Louise Wins a Flight

Lucky Louise Edwards of Aylesbury has taken to the skies above the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (IWM), thanks to Back Up, Gowrings Mobility and Aerobility. Louise won a competition through Back Up.

Said Micah Jorrisch of Back Up “We were very pleased to work with Gowrings Mobility and Aerobility to provide such a unique experience to one of our supporters. Our Facebook page was inundated with people eager to win the competition, but Lucky Louise won out! Working together like this goes to show that both Back Up, Aerobility and Gowrings Mobility are dedicated to helping people live confident and independent lives.”

The flight took place during the Gowrings Mobility Roadshow at IWM. The facilities at IWM offered an exceptional opportunity to work with Aerobility to give some lucky visitors a most inspiring experience – a 20 minute flight above the museum taking control of the specially adapted plane.

”Louise told us, “I had an excellent day and an exhilarating flight. I was a little nervous to take to the air but actually loved it and can't believe the pilot actually let me take control of the plane! Thanks to everyone involved for making it a memorable day. Who knows, maybe I will take to the skies again soon, it has certainly inspired me.

"Flying is Freedom" Says Derek

Aerobility were delighted to fly Derek Carpenter recently when he visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford after winning a competion run by Gowrings Mobility. 64 year old Derek didn't let his disability stop him from taking to the skies and piloting a plane with Aerobility Instructor James Brown.

He said: “No sooner had we climbed to a thousand feet and the pilot James said to me, ‘The controls are yours Derek…’.

“What an experience, what joy. We flew near to where we live, Haverhill.

“All the time I was completing turns, climbing, descending, having a Ball.

“All too soon we turned back to Duxford, passengers comfortable, me buzzing.

“James asked me to hold the controls whilst he landed which I have to say was very exhilarating, then he let me taxi back to the hanger.

“It does not really matter what disability you have, with human spirit and determination obstacles can be overcome.

“You must try this, flying is freedom, and it empowers you.”

Derek, who has Prostate Cancer, type 2 diabetes and poor mobility, is involved with Cambridge Cancer Help Centre.

It was while researching some information about a wheelchair accessible vehicle for someone else at the centre that he heard about the competition.

He enjoyed an exhilarating and inspiring flight in Aerobility’s 4 seater plane.

His wife Rosemary and Ted Sage, the chairman of the trustees for the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre were his passengers.

February 13, 2012

Aerobility Flies Veteran Pilot at Duxford

MEMORIES flooded back for Second World War pilot William Hands when he took to the skies above the Imperial War Museum, during our recent flying event at Duxford.

William, 88, who also flew in action during the Korean War, said: “Flying again was great; it was easier to get in and out of the aircraft than I had expected.

“However, I would have liked to have done some aerobatics during the flight!

“The icing on the cake was going around the museum and seeing so many of the planes I had flown in during service.”

During the Roadshow at the Imperial War Museum, William viewed 19 of the 23 aircraft he had piloted including a Sea Fury, a plane he flew during the Korean War.

February 08, 2012

First Solo of the Year at Blackbushe

Steven "Monty" Monteith made a little bit of Aerobility history when he completed his first solo at Blackbushe recently. Our first this year.

Monty, who is sponsored by Battle Back, is pictured being congratulated by his instructor James Brown. We look forward to the celebrations when he completes his course; a great effort.