October 29, 2015


Thank you to AirQuiz for their support in donating a free membership to our PPL students allowing them access to online practice tests which give detailed feedback on the answers they have provided. If you're an Aerobility Flyer studying for your PPL contact your instructor about how you can make use of this fantastic free revision tool.

October 23, 2015

An evening of celebration with the WFS Foundation

Aerobility were recently the guests of the French based WFS foundation.

At a glittering event held at the amazing Musée Grévina in central Paris, Operations Manager Brian collected an award on behalf of Aerobility for our work with young people with learning disabilities.

On receipt of the award Brian thanked WFS president Olivier Bijaoui for the outstanding support the foundation have provided to Aerobility. Support that enabled Aerobility in turn, to continue to provide a high quality programme to the disabled community.

October 22, 2015

Breitling Raffle Ticket - Have you bought yours?

Purchase your Breitling Raffle Ticket for a 1 in 500 chance of winning a Cockpit B50 Watch over £5,000. All proceeds go to Aerobility and tickets can be purchased over the phone on 0303 303 1230 or via our Aeroshop http://shop.aerobility.com/2015-raffle-draw-16-c.asp 

October 19, 2015

Aviation Education Programme Air Traffic Control

Saturday proved to be great fun with the AEP session brushing up on their Air Traffic Control Skills.  The group split up in to pairs, and following a script and using two-way radios, took it in turns to be either the control tower or a pilot.  They used their knowledge of the phonetic alphabet to read call signs and they did amazingly well.

Aerobility Winter Lecture - Diveability talk 29th October, 6.30pm

Diveability is a member led scuba diving charity committed to enabling people who have disabilities or disadvantages to discover the adventurous world of scuba diving.

Scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of physical ability. In fact, if you have a disability, scuba diving can offer you a unique sense of freedom by transporting you into a world of weightlessness and unlimited intrigue.

Diveability volunteer Gareth will be coming to Aerobility, Blackbushe on the evening of Thursday 29th October to talk about how you can take part in Diveability’s activities. He will also be promoting their next taster session which will be in Hook on 14th November. 
If you or someone you know with a disability is interested in Diving then this is the talk for you. Email bridie@aerobility.com to book your place.
This is a free event although we do ask for a small donation on the night for refreshments.

October 15, 2015

Limited number of Yak-52 (20 minute approx.) experience flights available to Aerobility flyers on Saturday 31st October!

The Yak-52 is a Soviet primary trainer aircraft which first flew in 1976, designed originally as an aerobatic trainer for students in the Soviet DOSAAF training organisation, which trained both civilian sport pilots and military pilots.  This iconic aircraft brings history and radial engined warbird excitement in one amazing package!

Experience the Yak-52 for yourself with the incredible opportunity to fly for £100.

Please note that although the hoist is available for this aircraft, for safety reasons this aircraft is not suitable for all disability types. Each potential participant will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in booking a flight in the Yak on Saturday 31st October email brian@aerobility.com or telephone 0303 303 1230 and ask for Brian for more information.

October 14, 2015

Flying Day film - Heswall Disabled Childrens Holiday Fund

Visit YouTube to see an amazing short film by Heswall Disabled Childrens Holiday Fund focusing on our Flying Day this summer where we flew 30 boys with varying disabilities. This action packed day was hosted in partnership with Ravenair and John Lennon Airport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXZORfPdSdw&feature=youtu.be

October 13, 2015

A tribute to Michael Clarke

The Aerobility team would like to remember Michael Clarke. Michael’s family made a kind donation of £600 in his honour after he passed away earlier this year.

Michael, a keen aviator was hoping to fly with Aerobility but sadly passed away before his flight took place. Flying was part of his life, being involved in the MPM Flying Club, spending hours of his time helping to rebuild the ‘Spartan Arrow’ and gaining his ballooning licence. His family felt he would have loved this money to go towards helping others fly and his donation will help disabled aviators in the UK reach the sky just as he did.

Aerobility Aviation Experience Session - Saturday 24th October 2015

Don't forget to book your child's place at the last Aviation Experience Session of the year on Saturday 24th October. Email bridie@aerobility.com for more information.

October 12, 2015

Author Marcelle Roujade visits Aerobility

During the summer author Marcelle Roujade visited Aerobility to learn more about our services. Marcelle's main focus is covering content to help anyone trying to better their life and achieve their dream.

You can read her write up from her interview with Aerobility CEO Mike Miller-Smith on her blog http://www.marcelleroujade.com/index.php?des01=tot&l1=1&pg=1&exp=end&id=40&vst=1&#anc40

October 09, 2015

Alphabet team volunteer at Aerobility for the day

Thank you to the Alphabet team who spent the day volunteering at Aerobility on Wednesday. 

The day started with an overview of Aerobility and was then packed with activities including mail outs, aeroplane & hanger cleaning and gardening. Aerobility volunteer Mick was also on hand to give the team instructed flights in our simulator.

Alphabet also delivered an educational risk and compliance workshop to the Aerobility team.

If you're company team is interested in volunteering at Aerobility email bridie@aerobility.com for more information.

October 05, 2015

AEP Airfield Operations

We had another great AEP session on Saturday.  The topic was Airfield Operations and the group looked at small airfields and what basics are needed.  They watched a short film about Tisted Airfield and then set up their own airfield - putting in runways whilst avoiding hills and trees. They then looked at compass points and the prevailing wind direction. They worked really well together and I think we may even have a few airfield planners of the future amongst the group!