May 23, 2015

Thank you James – and good luck in Scotland!

Aerobility CFI James Brown completes his final day here at Blackbushe HQ. We wish James and his family all the best for a great new chapter in life on the Isle of Skye.

James has been a patient and well liked leader of the instructional team, and all of our students have really appreciated his instructional style and can-do attitude. Thank you James for your considerable part in making Aerobility the great charity it is today.

And it's not really good bye.. James plans to help with instructing for Aerobility in Scotland.

Until we meet again!

Pictures of James in action over the years.. Always with a smile..

May 20, 2015

Mike Carrivicks support is awarded at Harts Volunteering Recognition Scheme

Earlier this month Mike Carrivick received an award as part of the Hart Volunteering Recognition Scheme 2015 for his support to the charity over the past two years.

Mike Carrivick joined Aerobility in 2013. He enquired about volunteering after seeing our flyover at the opening night of the Paralympics. From the get go Mike, who has retired from a career in aviation, has been passionate about helping our service users, fundraising for us and helping us to strategically develop as an organisation.

Since joining the team Mike has helped at numerous events including summer exhibitions and the 2014 Farnborough Air show. He has also assisted at activity days by operating our simulator and raised awareness of Aerobility’s services to his corporate network.

Notably in 2014 Mike went above and beyond during the preparation of Aerobility’s biggest annual fundraiser, the Aviators Ball. He spent tireless hours of work securing over 70 donated prizes which were auctioned at the Ball raising thousands of pounds for Aerobility.

After the Aviators Ball Mike continued to help us at local events and shortly after Christmas he expressed an interest to devote more time to Aerobility on a weekly basis. After meeting with him and discussing his interests we decided that he was the perfect person to manage our collection of merchandise, which is an important source of fundraising. Since then Mike has devoted one day a week at the Aerobility office auditing and revamping our merchandise as well as spending many more hours out of the office sending emails and attending meetings with local suppliers.

Mike is a real asset to Aerobility and is most importantly part of the team!

May 19, 2015

Aerobility to launch it's services in Scotland

Disabled people in Scotland will soon be able to take to the skies in an adapted light aircraft Aerobility, Cabro Aviation and Aberdeen Airport team up to provide life changing opportunities for the disabled community through the magic of flight.

Mike Miller-Smith MBE, CEO of Aerobility, said: “Aerobility have long wanted to make its life changing flying opportunities available to disabled people in Scotland. With the support of Aberdeen Airport and Cabro Aviation we can now provide flying for disabled people with a wide range of disabilities and ages.”

On 19th and 20th June 2015, Aerobility Flying Instructor James Brown, will launch the charity’s first flying lessons from Aberdeen Airport. Flights will take place in a Piper PA28 aircraft which has been specially fitted with a disability hand control designed by the charity.

Aerobility provide flight training for people with a broad range of disabilities including children with learning disabilities, wounded soldiers, elderly people with dementia – it is not just limited to those living with physical disability. At their Blackbushe HQ the option of hoisting is available allowing people with restricted mobility the chance to fly. If funding is found Aerobility also plan to purchase a hoist in Scotland so that their services will be fully accessible in the future.

As well as flying lessons and experiences the charity also offer a variety of ground based activities from Blackbushe which include the Aviation Education Programme for disabled children aged 14-19 and the Aspiring Pilot Programme for adults with learning disabilities – For more information about these services please contact

If you or someone you know has a disability contact or call 0303 303 1230 today for more information about booking your flight from Aberdeen.

For more information about Aerobility, visit As a volunteer led organisation Aerobility will need support to launch its services in Scotland. If you’re interested in volunteering or fundraising for the charity please contact or call 0303 303 1230.

May 18, 2015

Hype Family Flying Day

Hart Voluntary Services Have Your Say 2015

Fantastic News!

Thanks to you all for taking the time to vote, Aerobility have been awarded a grant and will now host the Hype Family Flying Day on 25th July 2015.

We are keen to invite five disabled young people (11 to 19 years) from the Hart District to come to Aerobility and join us for a day of fun and flying! 

If you know any suitable youngsters then please contact Bridie Collins at or call 0303 303 1230 for more information.

Aviation Experience Sessions

May 15, 2015

Aerobility balloon takes to the skies

On a lovely balmy evening Aerobility Operations Manager Brian and instructor Steve Farrant took advantage of the conditions to fly over the Surrey countryside. Says Brian "This was a great opportunity to experience the Hot Air flying opportunities that will soon be a regular part of the Aerobility programme".

Much was learnt during the flight that will be incorporated into the program for future flyers. But beware, cautions Brian, ballooning is highly addictive.

May 14, 2015

The Blades fly into action to partner with Aerobility

The Blades Aerobatic Display Team announced last week that they have chosen to partner with Aerobility helping to support disabled flying throughout 2015. This exciting partnership was announced by director and Blade number 2, Andy Offer at the Blades HQ, Sywell on Friday 10th May.

Throughout the years The Blades have pledged their full support to raising awareness of Aerobility’s services and as a charity we are proud to be featured on the Blades Extra EA-300 display aircraft.
The Aerobility team are looking forward to working with The Blades Aerobatic Display Team throughout the year and would like to thank them for their continuing support.

May 11, 2015

AEP Farnborough Fire Station Trip

Everyone arrived at Farnborough Airport Fire Station ready for an early start. Watch manager Fireman Peter Powell and his colleagues gave us a warm welcome and then briefed us all about their Fire Station and their duties and responsibilities regarding the airport, and our safety during our visit. We were then briefed on the equipment used by Firemen and specifically their breathing apparatus which everyone was invited to try on and all the boys had a go. The boys were also introduced to the infrared camera and the Fireman’s uniforms which they were invited to wear for the morning. Waiting for us outside was a Rosenbauer Panther Fire Engine. Those boys that were able to were invited to climb on top of the vehicle (which they accessed through the cab of the Fire Engine) to use the Water Cannon which they used with great enthusiasm. Those that had a physical disability were invited to use the cannon sitting in the cab of the Fire Engine or a small Fireman’s hose on the ground.
The next challenge was to rescue a casualty from a burning building. Our house mock-up was below ground.  Harmless vegetable smoke was used to get a feel for the type of conditions Firemen have to experience whilst fighting fires. To great applause the boys found the casualty and carried him out. Next, a teamwork exercise in the Fireman’s external training area.  It was time to do some hose work with full size hoses and get a feel for the strength of water under pressure whilst attempting to knock over the
cone.  Everyone was encouraged to work together as a team and to shout commands at the person manning the fire hydrant such as ‘hose on!!’ and ‘hose off!!’When this task was completed the whole team had to line up and stand to attention whilst our senior fireman reported to the ‘Watch manager’ that the task was complete. To identify that all Fireman were safe we all had to shout our identifying numbers to the watch manager which we all found hard to do without giggling. At the end of the day our young, brave Firemen were awarded with honorary ‘Firefighter for a day’ certificates.                                                                                                          

Our thanks to Fire Chief Ian Fisher and Watch manager Peter Powell and all the team at Farnborough Airport Fire Station for an awesome visit.

Aviation Education Programme Open Morning 27th May 2015

May 08, 2015

Instructing for Aerobility by Stuart Redman-Lusher

'I love instructing for Aerobility and am so proud to be part of this pioneering organisation.
I instruct powered fixed wing for Aerobility across 4 different aircraft types and the simulator. I am able to fit my other passions (and flying) in around working with the charity and the uniquely dedicated staff. I could even be full time if I wanted! The quality and variation in the flying just teaching for PPL is unrivaled and I learn something new every flying day from my exceptional instructor colleagues.
Long may I instruct with Aerobility'

To learn more about becoming an Aerobility Flying Instructor please visit

May 05, 2015

Please Support Helen Raising Money for Aerobility

Please join us in supporting Helen who is competing in the Human Race Sprint Distance Triathlon on May 23rd to raise funds for Aerobility.  

Helen took on the challenge as a result of an ill advised bet (her words!) and decided the whole experience would be more rewarding if there was a charity close to her heart that would benefit from her efforts.  

The triathlon comprises a 750m swim, 20k cycle and 5k run and Helen hopes to raise £250.

We are very grateful to Helen, and wish her all the very best with her training and the triathlon.

To donate please follow the link below:

A huge thank you to Helen from the Aerobility Team and for all your donations.