May 20, 2015

Mike Carrivicks support is awarded at Harts Volunteering Recognition Scheme

Earlier this month Mike Carrivick received an award as part of the Hart Volunteering Recognition Scheme 2015 for his support to the charity over the past two years.

Mike Carrivick joined Aerobility in 2013. He enquired about volunteering after seeing our flyover at the opening night of the Paralympics. From the get go Mike, who has retired from a career in aviation, has been passionate about helping our service users, fundraising for us and helping us to strategically develop as an organisation.

Since joining the team Mike has helped at numerous events including summer exhibitions and the 2014 Farnborough Air show. He has also assisted at activity days by operating our simulator and raised awareness of Aerobility’s services to his corporate network.

Notably in 2014 Mike went above and beyond during the preparation of Aerobility’s biggest annual fundraiser, the Aviators Ball. He spent tireless hours of work securing over 70 donated prizes which were auctioned at the Ball raising thousands of pounds for Aerobility.

After the Aviators Ball Mike continued to help us at local events and shortly after Christmas he expressed an interest to devote more time to Aerobility on a weekly basis. After meeting with him and discussing his interests we decided that he was the perfect person to manage our collection of merchandise, which is an important source of fundraising. Since then Mike has devoted one day a week at the Aerobility office auditing and revamping our merchandise as well as spending many more hours out of the office sending emails and attending meetings with local suppliers.

Mike is a real asset to Aerobility and is most importantly part of the team!

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