March 31, 2015

Aerobility balloon takes to the sky for the first time in 2015

Aerobility flyer Stuart Thompson was able to take advantage of our first Balloon Flight of the year when he flew with our volunteer instructor Steve Farrant from a site near Four Marks in Hampshire last week.

Stuarts commented on what a great time he had, and looks forward to his next flight. In the meantime if you are interested in Ballooning, contact Aerobility HQ for further information.

March 24, 2015

Michel Carnet … UK Paramotor Champion

Michel Carnet, UK Paramotor Champion will be coming to Blackbushe on Saturday 28th March at 4.30pm to talk about his success and love of Paramotoring.

He will also host a question & answer session and end his talk with a demonstration!

Don’t miss out on this action packed Saturday afternoon. This is a free event although we do ask for a small donation for refreshments.

To find out more about this event or to book your place please email

March 16, 2015

AEP How We Fly

We had a fantastic session on Saturday.  The topic was How We Fly and the boys learnt all about navigation.  They studied a huge map of the Isle of Wight and manoeuvred model aircraft around the map using compasses and headings.  They then looked at aerial photos and compared their routes to the map.  The boys worked brilliantly together and have made some great friendships.  Thanks to our mentors for a great session.

March 13, 2015

Paul Yates: 2015 London Marathon training update

With just 6 weeks to go the training is hard going but good. I mentioned in my last training up date that the next milestone was to be the Reading half marathon however I managed to get a last minute place for the Bath half marathon on the 01/03/15. 

Apart from some unpleasant winter weather at the start the race went very well, managed to get round in a fairly respectable 1:51 which is 4 minutes down on last year but this year keeping injury free for London is very important. I'm still running Reading on the 22/03/15 which is a race I have not run before so very much looking forward to it. 

It was my 38th birthday on the 2nd March so if anyone is still trying to work out what extravagant birthday present to buy me why not make a donation instead ;-) Thanks in advance. Paul. fundraising page is here

March 03, 2015

12th March: Civil Aviation Authority Safety Evening hosted by GASCo

Where? Aerobility HQ, Blackbushe Airport
Date? Thursday 12th March 2015
Time? Arrival from 7.00pm, talk from 7.30-9.30pm 

The evening will be delivered by  GASCo regional safety office Geoff Conolly on behalf of CAA and is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect on General Aviation safety as it affects you, the people you fly with and your clubs and associations.  

This is a great opportunity to brush up on your general aviation safety knowledge and network with people from the flying community. 

This event is scheduled to last for 2 hours. There is a short refreshment break during which Geoff will be pleased to endorse log books. 

For more information about GASCo Safety Evevning please visit

This is a free event although we do ask for a small donation for refreshments. 

For more information or to book your place contact 

March 02, 2015

AEP Meteorology

Our latest AEP session was on the very complicated subject of Meteorology.  The boys created clouds in a jar and watched as a spark was generated to cause lightning and then discussed static electricity. The boys bought in weather reports and charts to look at and then set about decoding the weather reports that are typically used by pilots.  Not an easy task! It was very interesting and I think we all learnt something!