November 24, 2014

AEP Engineering

The AEP session this week was on the topic of Engineering.  The group learnt about the different types of engineer and the need for maths as an engineer! They looked at a piston engine and a jet engine and discussed the things needed for an engine to start and keep running.  The boys were taught about intake, compression, combustion and exhaust or as those in the know refer to it - suck, squeeze, bang, blow!!!The group also looked at engine parts such as the crank shaft, cylinder and valves, and most importantly a spark plug. There were very informative videos on maintaining an aircraft and how an engine works.

As always, it seemed to be enjoyed by all.

November 10, 2014

AEP Fire and Rescue

Our latest AEP session was on the topic of  fire and rescue and was a real success.  The students learnt why we have fire and rescue, the types of emergency that can happen, things that contribute to a fire starting and the emergency plans in place to deal with these incidents.  As always the students were very knowledgeable and contributed well to the lesson.  Great fun was had by all playing the fire triangle game of bingo!

British Airways 747 Simulator Session

On Thursday 6th November British Airways and The Air League kindly provided us with the opportunity for some of our young people to fly the 747 simulator and experience the cabin training simulator.  It was an amazing experience for all who took part and from the smiles on their faces I think it is safe to say they thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.  A big thank you to both British Airways and The Air League.