August 25, 2010

Successful Scottish Flying Day

On the 7th August, Prestwick Flying Club welcomed 4 new flyers on behalf of Aerobility. It was the first time an Aerobility event has been held at Prestwick and it was hailed as a success. This is the first Aerobility event in Scotland for 3 years and we are extremely pleased to be back.

Mums, Dads and friends were passengers in these first flights for a tour of the local flying area after a bit of work completed by the new student pilots on the Effects of Controls.

Aerobility member and organiser Pauline Gallagher would like to thank the two instructors, Colin Wilcock and John Whittaker, who donated their time to make this day possible.

Prestwick Flying Club looks forward to welcoming more Aerobility members in the very near future.

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