May 07, 2013

The Air League - Youth in Aviation Day - Bicester 4th May 2013

After a damp start, hundreds turned up for the Air League ‘Youth in Aviation’ event at Bicester that was blessed with the perfect weather for the afternoon.

A bit of sunshine helped!
Well done Andy Perkins and Luke Roberts for another great event, that focused on networking amongst aviation related charities, trusts and companies with supporters including CTC Wings, RAF, Air Cadets, Oxford Air Training, Bicester airfield’s new owners, Bicester Heritage Limited, Windrushers Gliding Club, GliderFX and Aerobility.

There were rides in vintage aircraft, the gliding club flew 60 winch lessons over the day and GliderFX took a lucky 13 pilots for an aerobatic flight in the Fox, including Aerobility’s newest members Max Bond and Andy Payne.
All set and ready to go!

The thanks must go to Ian ‘Gally’ Gallacher and Paul Holdnal for getting the Fox’s CofA complete in record time for the event, and for the evening pyro display flight.

An amazing end to a brilliant day!
Aerobility members have FREE airtime in the GliderFX Fox glider, and there will be many more opportunities to experience gliding with GliderFX and Walking on Air throughout the summer.

For more information, you can look here:

And to give you a taste of the video to come, here is the film from 2012:

They've joined in the fun - will you?

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