May 20, 2013

Youth In Aviation Reception

On Wednesday 21st May, The Air League - together with a host of other aviation organisations -  will be descending on the Houses of Parliament to highlight to politicians and industry stakeholders the social benefits of youth access to aviation and the vital connection such activities have with the future prosperity of the UK’s aerospace industry. The Air League have very kindly invited Aerobility to attend and to contribute to the event from the perspective of disability. 

The now annual ‘Youth in Aviation’ reception celebrates the achievements of the participating voluntary organisations, with the key message for parliamentarians being that all of the aviation organisations involved are committed to making aerospace available to all members of society, from all walks of life.

Commenting on the event, Baroness Anne Gibson, event sponsor said:

“It is well known that the UK aerospace industry is number one in Europe and second only to the US globally. This can only continue if there is a constant supply of highly motivated young people willing to support this thriving and diverse industry by entering the industry in all manner of roles.  The reception is a great way to celebrate the success of all of the organisations who are helping to nurture tomorrow’s aviation professionals.”

For Aerobility, the chance to be involved in this event represents a great opportunity to promote the contribution that people with disabilities can and do make to the aviation industry. With so many interested parties in attendance, we hope to spread the Aerobility message to those who care about aviation and who can help us to continue making a difference. 

The event was underpinned by the production of a Position Paper on UK Youth in Aviation entitled ‘Aviation for Everyone’ which profiles all of the aviation organisations involved in the reception. It also contains a number of key recommendations to Government. The document can be downloaded from The Air League Website: or

We look forward to the afternoon and will report back on our progress! 

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