June 28, 2013

A Busy Few Weeks for Aerobility!

Hello there!

As always, things have been very busy and there’s lots of exciting news to catch up with. Below are a few stories from the past few weeks – if you have any stories or photos that you would like to share with the Aerobility community please feel free to email them to Geri (geri@aerobility.com) and we will add them to the next update!

Blast from the past…
This week we were very pleased to have a visit from Tim Ellison, one of the founding members of the original British Disabled Flying Club. Tim landed at Blackbushe in his very impressive BE-36 Bonanza after a flight across the Atlantic, and the Aerobility team were very keen to take a look!

The Bonanza!

Tecnam Training
In anticipation of the arrival of our brand-new aircraft, Tecnam UK Managing Director and friend of Aerobility, Captain Tim Orchard, visited us at Blackbushe to deliver a bit of ground-school. To ensure that we are ready to receive the Tecnam, Tim spent some time with some of the Aerobility instructors and member pilots delivering some preliminary training and type conversion information.
The ground-school was a great success and we are looking forward to the delivery of the Tecnam even more now!

All smiles as the Aerobility team go back to school!

Mobility Roadshow, Telford      
This year it is the 30th anniversary of the Mobility Roadshow, and we are delighted to be exhibiting again. With the mobile simulator and new balloon seats on show, the Aerobility stand is certainly a highlight!

Dave Rawlins manning the Aerobility stand

The Aerobility team, led by Brian, will be at the roadshow until tomorrow. It’s a great opportunity for to showcase the work that we do and make sure that as many people as possible know the opportunities that are available.

Volunteer Instructor Mick showing Tony the mobile simulator.

FSDP Scholars
Over the last three weeks, we’ve been very lucky to be joined by two Flying Scholarships for Disabled People scholars. Audrey and Claire have made amazing progress, battling against poor weather, facing the dreaded Air Law exams and keeping up with lots of new information.

Audrey with her instructor, Peter.

Claire with Aerobility CEO Mike.

Both Audrey and Claire have been a great addition to the Aerobility team at Blackbushe, and as they come to the end of their scholarship training we wish them the very best of luck in the future!

The 2013 Aerobility Raffle
This year’s raffle is well under way and ticket sales are going strong! Don’t miss out on your chance of winning one of the amazing prizes on offer. For more information, check out this link: http://www.aerobility.com/raffle/raffle-2013.php

That’s all for now – don’t forget to send in any stories or photos, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Landings

The Aerobility Team

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