August 06, 2013

Freedom of Flight - Challenge Accepted!

As some of you may already know Aerobility member and great supporter, Pauline Gallagher, has been leading the Freedom of Flight Challenge over the past couple of years and has made great progress. With a wealth of experience, a lot of enthusiasm, and a dedicated team behind her, Pauline has made this brave idea into a very exciting reality.

The Freedom of Flight Challenge is simple - to fly into one aerodrome in every county in the UK. That's over 4000 nautical miles, divided into over 50 legs, each one flown by a disabled pilot, and each one funded by generous donations. Perhaps it's not that simple after all....

This is great challenge, raising both awareness and funds for disability flying. The effort needed to make it a success, with logistical obstacles to overcome and fundraising targets to be met, should not be underestimated. If you think you could help, either as a pilot, an operations expert or a keen fundraiser, then get in touch with Pauline. If you do nothing else, then simply spread the word! Tell your friends, family and neighbours. And if you can, visit their page and support the challenge by making a donation.

Well done to the Freedom of Flight team - keep up the hard work!

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