August 13, 2013

Walking on Air – Portmoak, Scottish Gliding Centre

Walking on Air is a Scottish charity that allows "people with disabilities to soar like birds!" The charity utilise facilities at the Scottish Gliding Centre to provide an opportunity for people with disabilities and a sense of adventure to fly a modified glider. Aerobility member Alex recently spent some time with Walking on Air, and we're pleased to have the report below on his time with the charity - thank you Alex! 

"I've just returned from a weekend of ridge soaring, winch launches, aerotows and aerobatics.  A whole new world of techniques to learn and master.  I was fortunate enough to join Steve Derwin and a host of kind volunteers from Walking on Air up in Scotland for a weekend’s gliding.  All be it the wind had decided not to be in our favor, this just made things a little more interesting.  They had a great setup there.  With an onsite cafe, wheelchair accessible rooms, roll in shower, barbecue area and most importantly a cheap bar.  The K21 glider had a rudder conversion which sat nicely just below the air brakes. It was easy to use and very effective both on the ground and in the air.  I’d definitely recommend a visit and ask for a winch launch on full whack !!"

If you think you might be interested in taking up an opportunity in gliding or supporting Walking on Air please visit their website

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