January 31, 2014

Europe's First Disabled Balloon Pilot!

A huge congratulations to Tim Ellison, who this week passed his General Flight Test in ballooning. 

One of our founders and Aerobility flyer of long standing, Tim Ellison, has been able to take advantage of an Air League and Aerobility initiative to learn to fly a balloon in Italy. This project has been able to take place thanks to the support of Boeing. His trainer, Aerobility Ambassador and celebrated balloonist Brian Jones, told us that Tim was a natural...

"Tim was an exceptional student due to his skills and currency in aeroplanes.  He had reached the required standard about half way through the training course and the last few hours were simply to build up to meet the requirement of 16 hours under instruction."

Aerobility's ballooning activities are really set to take-off this year, and we hope Tim is the first of many successful balloonists. If you would be interested in ballooning with Aerobility, please contact brian@aerobility.com for more information.

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