April 07, 2014

A Day in the Life of Aerobility

Every day here at Blackbushe is different and no two people we meet are the same. With so much going on sometimes we don't have time to tell you all about it, so here is an example of a day in the life of Aerobility!

A Saturday in March...

A busy day for us - the sun was shining and we had a full day of flying to look forward to. With solo hire, PPL training lessons and trial flights there was a great mixture of flying. Alongside this, our successful ground school sessions were also running with CFI James - it's tough going to be working away in a classroom with perfect flying weather to look at out of the window!

One flight really stood out for us - a young budding pilot who had visited us a few months ago to learn more about flying and how he might be able to take to the skies. This was his first flight and he brought Dad along for the ride. Our young flyer told us that he found his first trial flight "great" and said that he would "love to do it again!" One to look out for we think!

A special day!

After the flight, our young pilot's Dad was equally excited and we received a lovely email saying "Thank you for a brilliant experience today for my son! He loved every minute of it and I feel so happy that you have given him the chance to something so amazing."

Aerobility instructor Mike with our young pilot and his Dad!

Whilst the fun and games of flying were going on, Chief Executive Mike was meeting with John and Yoav from Deaf Pilots UK to discuss the opportunities for deaf pilots and find new ways for Aerobility to support existing deaf pilots and introduce more people from the deaf community to aviation. It was great to get together and we've got some ideas for how to make aviation more accessible for people with hearing impairments, and also to raise awareness among people with hearing impairments that it is possible to fly.

Mike with John and Yoav, joined by Aerobility Flyer Mary who had popped in to say hello!
A big thank you to John and Yoav for taking time out of their weekend to come and see us - we look forward to working together and making aviation accessible!

This was another great day here at Aerobility and we hope that we'll see you here soon to share in the fun! Our door is always open, so come down and say hello!

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  1. I think every day at Aerobility is a great day! Inspiring, exciting, interesting, helpful, non-judgmental, happy, fun, and above all friendly and there's always plenty of tea and coffee! In fact its a little area of absolute perfection.