April 28, 2014

The Equipment Donation Scheme is back!

We're really pleased that our Equipment Donation Scheme is back up and running! With a new coordinator to manage and promote the scheme, we're hoping it will become a great fundraising tool for the charity. 

Below is a message from our new Equipment Donation Scheme Coordinator:

"Hi my name is Simon Crane,  

I have been a member of Aerobility since 2009 and have recently volunteered for the role of Equipment Donation Coordinator.

I have been using Aerobility's eBay account to post items for sale which have been kindly donated by flyers, supporters and other organisations.

If anyone or people you know have any items you/they wish to donate please can you contact me using simon.crane@aerobility.com  

Items donated do not have to be aviation related but it would be preferable if they were in working sale-able condition.

All proceeds from items sold would go direct to Aerobility and would also be eligible for Gift Aid.

Thank You."

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