April 10, 2014

The Story of G-UCAN: Part III

So, we hear you ask, how did Aerobility manage to purchase such a fine aircraft? Chris Edwards, ATCOs Branch Fundraising Lead, explains...

“It started on a snowy day at Lasham in January 2011. An early evening meeting between members of the ATCOs Branch &  Mike Miller Smith led to over £100, 000 being raised almost two years later for a new aircraft, one we now know as G-UCAN, a specially designed and unique Tecnam built specifically with Aerobility's requirements . Who would have thought then that this was achievable …….

The Air Traffic Controllers Union, Prospect, had passed a motion years earlier, which asked the question about charity fundraising and a small organisation committee was formed in the autumn of 2010 to endeavour to find a charity that matched our aspirations and hopes for the future. It is safe to say that we have been extremely pleased with the charity choice and the amount raised !  NATS took on the charity as the CEO’s charity of the year later in 2011 and helped form a partnership which has seen results beyond all our expectations. It is superb news to see the aircraft, even if it is just pictures so far to many of us. To see it serving the needs of Aerobility flyers for years to come is testament to everyone who put in the hard work.”

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