July 09, 2014

Cliff Swims for Aerobility!

Student and hopeful PPL, Cliff is undertaking a great feat on Sunday to raise money for Aerobility. The Brownsea Island Swim is a challenging 6.5km wild swimming course around the island, and is popular with the most serious of athletes! Cliff's wife very kindly put him up to the challenge, but he told us that he's looking forward to it...

"I do swimming every so often to try and stay healthy even though I have a belly, it does help with keeping warm in the water. The challenge around Brownsea island came up a few months ago but was put on a reserve list and was no.110 so thought I wouldn't get it and have focused on moving to a new house and getting ready for more surgery. Then I was then told 3 weeks ago that a slot has come available and the wife then volunteered me to do it when the call came through. It is very late to do training but I will get on with it and complete the 6.5km non wetsuit swim ( no pics for that as no one wants to see me in a speedo!) As they promote fundraising for the event I thought that I would try and raise £500 for Aerobility which will hopefully give others the chance of at least having a trial flight and experience the thrill of flying. My legs don't work properly since post injury but the upper body is still good ( I hope?) and I focus on what I can do instead of what I cant do."

Cliff has a JustGiving page that you can visit if you'd like to support him and help him to reach his target for Aerobility. You can find it by following this link.

Good luck Cliff - just keep swimming!

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