January 20, 2015

Sir John Allison – Flying Backwards in Time – 2015 Winter lecture

Sir John Allison hosted a Winter Lecture this Saturday sharing his passion of flight with Aerobility flyers.

Throughout his career Sir John has flown over 100 different types of aircraft including the Lightning, the Phantom and the Tornado. His passion for flight, literally flying everything from vintage gliders, vintage warbirds, home built light aircraft, to the latest military hardware – truly shone through. John's reflection on his last Phantom flight in particular was very moving.

This sociable evening was enjoyed by over 35 of Aerobility's flying community which we ended with a raffle raising £120 for Aerobility.

If you are interested in attending any of our future events please email bridie@aerobility.com

Sir John reflects on flying some of his favourite aircraft, including the Spitfire,
Bear Cat, Miles Gemini, Lightning and the Phantom

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