December 15, 2015

AEP How We Fly

For the last AEP lesson of 2015 the students looked at How We Fly. 

The session started with the basic principles of flight - Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag.   As a fun exercise the students then built propeller driven cars and tested them in the Aerobility Hangar to see how well different designs performed.  The first lesson learned was to make sure the car goes in the right direction!  The team went on to discuss how different designs influenced aircraft performance. 

To finish off Alan, our volunteer Engineer, had the students check the Aerobility Cherokee 6 to ensure it was ready for flight.  Let's hope that Alan can put the Cherokee back together again before it is next due to fly!

A Merry Christmas to all the AEP Students and Mentors and see you again in 2016.

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