April 07, 2016

Ready to book! The glorious Yak is available to fly.

Aerobility are thrilled to announce our glorious Yak has completed its winter maintenance programme and is available to book by disabled flyers for introductory flights. 

During the winter the aircraft has also been fitted with a disability hand control. Note that due to operational limitations the hand control will not ordinarily be fitted, and will only be in place for those undertaking conversion training on type.

The cover first came off last week when Jon Windover and Sam Watmough ventured out to undertake a complete hand-control inspection and pre-flight checks. The team hoped a test flight would be possible the same day, but with darkness fast approaching, the decision was taken to postpone.  It was great to have the support and knowledge from John Askew who originally developed the Yak hand control and kindly made it available to Aerobility. Great thanks also to Laurie Gregoire who led the engineering side of the project and liaised with the CAA.

Just two days later, test pilots Andy Durston and Jon Gowdy were determined to ensure the Yak became airborne. Admittedly, the sky wasn't quite so blue, but this didn't detract from the incredible experience the Yak provides. We are pleased to report, a successful and smooth landing by Andy using the hand rudder alone. 
Introductory flights in the Aerobility Yak are available for £100. Please contact us on the usual number to book your flight - 0303 303 1230.

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