January 26, 2017

Aviation Education Programme 21st January

The latest Aviation Education Programme was last Saturday and was on two subjects.
The first was Airfield Operations. The group looked at a medium airport, in this case Farnborough. They studied the history of the airport and watched a video showing the role of operations and the services available.

This was followed by Air Traffic Control 2 and the group watched a fascinating video from NATS.  It showed all the flights in a 24 hour period.  A discussion on the flying patterns of aircraft followed along with a closer look at stacks. They then discussed which ATC you would speak to on a typical journey.  They used the example of Oaksey Park to Blackbushe.  The session ended with a quiz on aircraft headings with a brief look at controlling and separating aircraft in the skies.

 It was another great session with excellent input from the students.

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