November 17, 2017

Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Flight Shed opening

Written by Brian Catchpoole, Operations Manager, Aerobility.

Brooklands Aircraft Factory Opening by Prince Michael of Kent – 13/11/2017

On Monday it was my privilege to represent Aerobility at the Opening of the new Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Flight Shed. This quite massive project has involved moving a World War 2 (Grade 1 Listed) hangar, its complete restoration, and subsequent rebuilding on a new site. The hangar exhibition have been completely redesigned and now pays homage to Brooklands aircraft manufacturing heritage. On entering the building visitors can ‘clock in’ and then try any of the hands-on exhibits such as ‘Tinsmithing’, ‘Propeller Works’ and Carpentry Shop’. Aerobility were involved early on in the project with advice on Inclusive Access, and I’m pleased to report that the new complex is indeed very disability friendly.
I was able to talk at length with Andy Cornish the Aviation Heritage Skills Officer, about Brooklands educational project, which aims to provide basic engineering skills to the new generation. A workshop has been created in the Flight Shed, and it’s aimed to provide both classroom and workshop based training. Considering the skills set that will be required by those involved in our own ‘One Rivet at a Time’ project it’s remarkable just how close a fit this scheme could be with our own needs. Keep a look out in the future for possible Aerobility / Brooklands collaboration in this area.

Brooklands has always been an enjoyable and full day out and this great new addition is clearly aimed at the younger members of society. But, no matter what your age, I highly recommend a visit.

Brian and his toy aeroplanes
Prince Michael of Kent officially opening the newly renovated hangar.

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