November 22, 2017

One Rivet At A Time - The Infrastructure Takes Shape

One Rivet at a Time – The Infrastructure Takes shape
Another few weeks brings us ever closer to the start of our build. John Hirst continues to beaver away at our workshop infrastructure and has presented us with two more benches built with dimensions especially advantageous for wheelchair users. On to these benches we have mounted a small pillar drill, vice and grinding wheel. Can’t wait to start using this kit - anyone got access to a larger hangar ;-) 
John has also completed the dividers and Gail intends to cover these to enable one side to host a ‘story board’ explaining the build.

Bernie and Alan are installing extra sockets to power all this extra equipment. Rumour has it that a compressor will arrive next week, so watch this space. Currently, to coin a much over used cliché, the hangar looks like a ‘bomb has hit it’, but I’m quietly confident that everything will be in place for the 
Rudder Course on December 18th – 19th.

The Rudder course was oversubscribed for which I am most heartened. Eleven people have been informed that they have a place, however in the event of a cancellation, I am happy to put names on a reserve list. Those attending the course will help to ensure we have a core of volunteers for when we start the build, but rest assured there is still plenty of work to be done by others.

Talking of which, I am very aware that some of our volunteer builders may well be wholly new to using tools and what goes on in a workshop. Some may well prefer a more supportive environment when they first start. For these people we are planning some introductory classes, probably to start early next year. If you’ve never worked in a workshop before, watch out, these sessions will be for you and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Brian Catchpoole

Aerobility Operations Manager

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