November 08, 2017

We're off... One Rivet At A Time

One Rivet at a Time Update

Hi All,

As those of you who attended will already know, we had a very useful meeting last Thursday. Many of you pledged your support for the project which is most heartening. I hope you all enjoyed meeting Jonathan Porter who will supply the kit as the UK agent for Zenair. Just to confirm that Aerobility have ordered the first part of the kit, and our expectation is that we will take delivery in January next year. However, I’m pleased to announce that Jonathan brought along the tail section, and so we can therefore start construction immediately.

In order to get started, Jonathan will run a two day course, ostensibly to assemble the tail, but clearly we will also become practised in the skills necessary to assemble the remaining aircraft. This course is scheduled for December 18th and 19 and it would be good for as many of you as we can manage to attend, but certainly it would help to train a core group of  people to help the project move forward. There will be a limited number of places available and those attending will need to commit to both days. The course promises to be both thorough and entertaining, and those of you who met Jonathan will know just how enthusiastic he is. Please let me know by email if you would like to be considered, I for one can’t wait.

We have continued to obtain tools from many generous benefactors, probably more tools than we need, but it will enable us to extend the reach of the project to include many others. People who perhaps would not wish to be part of the actual build, but maybe have never had the opportunity to use basic hand tools.

John Hirst, who with his son built the magnificent  benches now in the hangar, has started to build our partitioning system. This consists of units that can be moved to accommodate the varying needs of the project and the operational needs of the other aircraft in the fleet. This will assist to demark the area and support safety during the build. Thanks John as always.

Your scribe continues to work towards obtaining an engine, we have options in the pipe line and hopefully something positive to report before the end of the year.

Finally, I have included everyone who I believe has expressed an interest in the project, but if you know of anyone I have left out, please let me know or encourage them to contact me.


Brian Catchpoole
Operations Manager

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