April 19, 2018

Young fliers BA sim sessions

We are excited to announce that, once again, The Air League & Aerobility have been invited to spend an evening in the British Airways simulator on:
Wednesday 25th April 2018 between 19:45 – 23:15 hrs
There are limited places for this fantastic opportunity, if the event is oversubscribed names will be drawn at random.  Please take a moment to read through all the details below and if you’re interested in joining us please drop Gail Barkes a line gail@aerobility.com
IMPORTANT - this event is only open to young flyers aged 14 or over. 
FYI Vanguard House is in Hatton Cross, near Hounslow, participants will be expected to make their own way there. 

19:45 hrs Arrive at Vanguard House (Pass Issue) to be issued with your Security Pass.
You’ll be met here by your British Airways host: Senior First Officer Andy Perkins.
20:00 hrs Tour of the Cabin Safety Training Unit (SEP).
20:15 hrs Meet your pilots.
20:30 hrs Classroom based pre-flight briefing.
21:00 hrs Fly a full motion Boeing or Airbus flight simulator.
23:00 hrs Land!
23:15 hrs Depart British Airways Flight Training.

Safety & Security is our FIRST priority in British Airways.
British Airways Flight Training is located inside the main British Airways Engineering Base at Heathrow Airport. This is a very busy operational area. Exercise caution and observe all safety and security instructions.
Do not breach any security procedures. Do not access any restricted areas or aircraft. Do not use your pass to allow access to anyone else. Failure to abide by security procedures will result in denial of access or immediate removal from the Base and may lead to prosecution.
To gain access to British Airways Flight Training, you will first need to report to Vanguard House (Pass Issue) where you will be met by your host and be issued with your Security Pass.
You will be required to show one form of photographic identification such as your passport or UK photographic driving licence. Failure to do so will prevent a Security Pass being issued and denial of access. Your Security Pass must be worn and be visible at all times. It must be returned at the end of your visit.
Personal Health and Physical Abilities
Our Simulator flights involve a degree of physical mobility and may not be suitable for some people. Please check with us if you have any concerns.
We recommend that the following groups of people do not take part:
Ladies who are or could possibly be pregnant.
Anyone with back, joint or mobility problems.
Anyone who suffers from motion sickness.
Prior to arrival at British Airways Flight Training, no alcohol may be consumed by any visitor.
We recommend that:
Ladies wear trousers and not skirts or dresses.
Shoes with a heel no higher than about 25mm are worn.
There is a 10 minute walk from Vanguard House to the flight simulators in Technical Block A. This walk is open to the elements. Please be prepared for inclement weather and dress accordingly!
You are welcome to bring a camera along. Your mobile phone may also be used as a camera but it MUST be in FLIGHT MODE in the simulator.

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