May 04, 2018

A heartfelt thank you

As with most charities, we are entirely reliant on donations, volunteers and sponsorship.  We are always looking for new ways to fundraise and are ever delighted when organisations and individuals surprise us with their generosity, just as the Lawyers Flying Association did recently.

The LFA was an association who ran for many years and whose membership was open to anyone in the law who had an interest in general aviation and/or were indeed private pilots.  As it transpired almost all of the members were private pilots and came from all areas of law and practice ranging from trainees to a judge (now also retired) in the highest court in the land.  The LFA was the brainchild of one Tim Scorer who became and remained chairman throughout its 20 odd year existence.  Tim is still very much in practice and is a specialist in aviation law.  This group sadly folded a few years ago but they were kind enough to think of us when it came to closing their finances recently. 

We can never say enough thank yous but we would like to share a few fliers recent comments on their Aerobility experience so that all those, including the LFA, who have fundraised and donated to Aerobility can see for themselves just what a difference they have made.

"Thank you so much for the chance to fly."

"To manage and control an aircraft is reason to live for."

"I cannot thank you enough!"

"It's taken two and a half years of hard work to get to this stage in my life and every time I'm up in the plane on my own, it is just me and nobody telling me I cannot do this. It's a sense of freedom and for once in my life I have control of something that does not have control of me."

"I still can’t believe it, my biggest dream is true now"

"I get such a buzz from flying and have found my drive and ambition to achieve again. When I was out of work and living on benefits I felt so restricted – now my world has now opened up. The freedom I feel in the air helps me manage my pain and it feels so great to be using my brain again!"

"You've literally given me wings!"

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