May 09, 2018

SkyDemon scholarships 2018

Every year, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer a lucky few of our students the opportunity to progress their flying through a scholarship.

One of our regular annual sponsors are SkyDemon who make 'the best VFR flight-planning and navigation software in the world.'

This year they funded three separate scholarships which will enable three of our disabled flyers the chance to really push on with their training.

Here's what one of the awardees had to say about the news that he had been chosen this year.

"Thank you so much for the chance to fly. 

I personally have had an awful time, suffering from multiple sclerosis since the year 2000. The disease has had ramifications beyond physical problems, including financial disaster, making life dreadful, so the chance to fly and eventually gain my nppl is a goal in life that has given me hope for a future.  A future that so many MS sufferers are desperate to achieve.  To manage and control an aircraft is reason to live for. To be able to manage such a momentous feat is so character building and compensates for all the years of being unwell and infirm. 

I cannot thank you enough!"

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