May 16, 2018

The Aviation Club's trip to Farnborough Airport Fire Station

The Aviation Club, our monthly fun, sociable club for young people (14 - 18yrs) with physical disabilities and/or mild to moderate learning disabilities, took a trip out to Farnborough Airport last weekend and were lucky enough to have a guided and hands on tour of the fire station!

Big thanks to Firefighter Pete Powell and his team for a great 'Firefighter for a day' experience.  Aviation Club members experienced working as a team; using water hoses, firing the cannon water hose on top of the fire engine, rescuing the casualty from the underground training area, and they were also able to take a close up view of the equipment Firefighters use whilst fighting fires.

Thanks also to TAG Farnborough Airport for allowing us to visit the terminal building and also to Gama Aviation Flight ops for giving us a talk about their operation and allowing us to visit their Lear 45 aircraft.

Such an exciting day topped off with a surprise viewing of a Spitfire aircraft flying over Farnborough airport!

If you'd like to join our Aviation Club please email for more details.

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